Senior Secured Notes at 3-31-2024

Coupon Maturity Face Amount (Millions) CUSIP/ISIN/Common Code #
6.625% 06-01-2027 $1,500.0 914906 AU6, U91505 AP9
8.000%08-15-2028$1,440.7914906 AY8, US914906AY80
4.500%05-01-2029$1,050.0914906AV4, US914906AV42
7.375% 06-30-2030 $900.0 914906AX0, US914906AX08

Trustee on the above senior secured notes:
Wilmington Trust, National Association
246 Goose Lane, Suite 105
Guilford, CT 06437

Bank senior secured term loans at 3-31-2024

Rate Maturity Outstanding Principal (Millions) CUSIP/ISIN/Common Code #
SOFR with a 0.75% floor + 3.25% 03-15-2026 $1,909.8 914908BC1
Alternate bases 06-24-2027 $843.1 914908AG3
SOFR with a 0.75% floor + 3.25% 01-31-2029 $1,029.0 914908BB3
Alternate bases 06-24-2029 $491.3 914908BD9


Bank senior secured revolving credit facility at 3-31-2024

Rate Maturity Committed Capacity (Millions) Letters of Credit (Millions) Outstanding Principal (Millions) Unused Committed Capacity (Millions)
Alternate bases 04-30-2025 $88.0 $0.0 $0.0 $88.0
Alternate bases 06-24-2027 $522.0 $0.0 $0.0 $522.0

Administrative agent for the bank senior secured term loans and revolving credit facility is:
Goldman Sachs Lending Partners, LLC
200 West Street
New York, NY 10282

Accounts receivable facility at 3-31-2024

Rate Maturity Committed Capacity (Millions) Letters of Credit (Millions) Outstanding Principal (Millions) Unused Committed Capacity (Millions)
SOFR + 1.40% 10-05-2026 $400.0 $29.4 $100.0 $270.6

Administrative agent for the accounts receivable facility is:
Wells Fargo Bank, National Association
1100 Abernathy Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30328-5657

[1] Face amount is defined as the total principal amount due at maturity for each issue.
[2] None of the outstanding securities are listed on a U.S. stock exchange.

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